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Two-Factor Authentication is essential in today’s security landscape, but implementing, maintaining, and using it should not be a hassle for IT staff and end users. GreenRADIUS is designed to provide a frictionless experience from the end user to the back end, allowing you to deploy 2FA in a way that adds security without causing angst among your staff.

The simplicity of GreenRADIUS does not introduce a significant change in the end user experience. This 2FA solution practically eliminates end user training and support overhead.

One of the most important elements of GreenRADIUS is that it is an on-premise solution. Organizations can control every aspect of their authentication, without having to rely on an external party. The GreenRADIUS virtual appliance is self-contained, providing all the needed services to enable secure 2FA. An organization can implement their own authentication policies, spanning different types of credentials (both 2FA and traditional passwords where needed) in a single place.

Further, with GreenRADIUS, not only can IT staff generate their own secrets for the authentication tokens to be used, they can also link into their existing Active Directory servers to provide a single, consolidated authentication interface to security services. Users and group memberships are managed in AD, and user group access policies are set up in GreenRADIUS, allowing administrators to use existing users and groups when defining 2FA user access policies.

Maintaining GreenRADIUS is even easier. As a self-contained virtual appliance, GreenRADIUS runs without worrying about conflicting applications or services. Taking advantage of the appliance nature of the virtual platform, Green Rocket Security has ensured GreenRADIUS is hardened against attacks, limiting available services and access that would be difficult in a shared environment. Further, Green Rocket Security provides regular security updates to ensure the highest quality of environment security is maintained. Backups of crucial infrastructure are as simple as making a copy of the virtual machine; secondary servers can be created in a similar manner.

For end users, GreenRADIUS makes registering tokens as simple as logging in. The first time a user logs in with a YubiKey, Google Authenticator, or any other OATH or U2F token, that token is automatically registered to their user account. This frees administrators from manually assigning tokens, sending the correct token to the correct user, and troubleshooting any mismatched devices.

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